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Document sharing in SharePoint 2013

In several posts the last couple of years, I’ve looked at the Share option provided by SharePoint 2013. This is a tricky option, as it might enable your users to break the permission inheritance of documents. […]

Share option in SharePoint

Today I got some feedback on my earlier posts regarding the share option (this and this one). So I’ve looked at this option in some more detail. And to be honest, this “Share” option really […]

Error when changing document library default values

Using the default values of columns within the document library is a very nice way to support our users. It enables them to add documents easily and have (some or all) of the metadata added […]

When a “read-only” content type proves to be “somewhat” read-only

We all know that content types can be configured to be “read-only”. When you use the content type hub and consume one or more content types from that hub, these will also be read-only. When […]

Dude, where’s my New Site button gone?

Anyone who has worked with SharePoint has looked at the “self-service site-creation” feature of the platform. This feature enables users to create their own sites, wihin the confines of your goverance-plan (which you have, right?). Ok, […]

Bing Maps and SharePoint Online (part 2)

Ok. I stand corrected. In my previous post (https://alberthoitingh.wordpress.com/2014/04/04/connect-bing-maps-to-sharepoint-online/) I was wondering why I could not add the Bing Maps API key to my SharePoint Online environment. But one of my collegues (http://www.arjancornelissen.nl/) helped me […]