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Content disposition in Office 365

The controlled disposition of content is very important in record management scenario’s. Disposition marks the end of the content’s life-cycle, at which point the content needs to be deleted or retained permanently. SharePoint records management […]

Using Sharegate to archive obsolete SharePoint sites

During SharePoint migration projects, you might end up with some content -either complete sites or lists- which isn’t used anymore. What to do with this obsolete content? At one of my clients, we were required […]

SPC14 – Day 2 – SharePoint for large scale records management – hundreds of milions of documents and beyond

Ok. This is a very intersting session. At least five experts from Microsoft were elaborating on the concept of records management on a (very) large scale. Large, yes: Scenario 1: Global Bank 250.000 users 370.000.000 […]

SharePoint records management certifiable

This week I did a session on document and records management with SharePoint 2010. In the discussion we came to talk about certification. We all know that SharePoint 2007, combined with the DoD add-on pack […]