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When a “read-only” content type proves to be “somewhat” read-only

We all know that content types can be configured to be “read-only”. When you use the content type hub and consume one or more content types from that hub, these will also be read-only. When […]

Some tiny aspects of the recycle bin

As we all know, SharePoint offers a recycle bin on the site-collection level. You can configure this recycle bin on the web application level. The recycle bin stores all items which have been deleted by […]

SharePoint 2010 and Remote Blob Storage – part 2

Ok, in my previous post we configured RBS. In theory, all blobs added to the specific content database will we stored on the filesystem (c:\blob). There are wto ways of checking this. Option 1: the […]

Some nice SharePoint features, you just need Office 2010

SharePoint 2010 is well established as a powerful platform for enabling (social) collaboration, portals and enterprise content management. As always, you get the most of this platform when you use Microsoft Office. Although, SharePoint 2010 […]

Try your hand at the Business Connectivity Service – part 2

In part one of the story  we created a business connectivity connection to a SQL database. In this section we will use this connection. The connection  enables two things: first of all, this connection can […]

Try your hand at the Business Connectivity Service – part 1

One of my clients wants to use data from an external data source as one of the metadata fields within the document management system. I was wondering how this might work, having never seen the […]

Microsoft SharePoint posters

Some time ago Microsoft released these posters. They are great and give you a comprehensive insight into SharePoint 2010. I’ve copied this from the website (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc263199.aspx). The nice little thumbnails didn’t make it through the […]