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Word Automation Services and PowerShell

For one of my clients I wanted to test the Word Automation Service. As you might know, this is a feature of SharePoint 2010 that automatically converts Word documents (.doc and .docx) into other formats. […]

Try your hand at the Business Connectivity Service – part 2

In part one of the story  we created a business connectivity connection to a SQL database. In this section we will use this connection. The connection  enables two things: first of all, this connection can […]

Try your hand at the Business Connectivity Service – part 1

One of my clients wants to use data from an external data source as one of the metadata fields within the document management system. I was wondering how this might work, having never seen the […]

SharePoint 2010, SQL 2010 and pivot tables

A nice video from our Microsoft friends on the workings of SharePoint 2010 and BI.

Using SQL databases for enumerating users

Always wanted to know which users access your SharePoint or OCS platform, but want to use the out-of-the-box possibilities? Why not use the SQL databases.  The next queries will help you with this. You will need access to the […]