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When a “read-only” content type proves to be “somewhat” read-only

We all know that content types can be configured to be “read-only”. When you use the content type hub and consume one or more content types from that hub, these will also be read-only. When […]

SPC14 – Day 2 – General Motors: managing 130,000 users’ documents and records – making it easy, while maintaining control

This is a great session, which follows nicely on the previous one. It’s about General Moters (GM), which have a large SharePoint environment. Some numbers: 130.000 interval users 10TB data 6 on-premise farms 500 servers, […]

SPC14 – Day 2 – Federated cross farm services

Even I couldn’t resist to visit at least one (more technical) session, and I choose this one on Shared Services. The aim of the presenter was to demo a shared services farm which connects to […]

Some tiny aspects of the recycle bin

As we all know, SharePoint offers a recycle bin on the site-collection level. You can configure this recycle bin on the web application level. The recycle bin stores all items which have been deleted by […]

Word Automation Services and PowerShell

For one of my clients I wanted to test the Word Automation Service. As you might know, this is a feature of SharePoint 2010 that automatically converts Word documents (.doc and .docx) into other formats. […]

SharePoint 2010 and Remote Blob Storage – part 2

Ok, in my previous post we configured RBS. In theory, all blobs added to the specific content database will we stored on the filesystem (c:\blob). There are wto ways of checking this. Option 1: the […]