Tag: Security

Review your external access

Use this powerful Azure function to review (external) access to your environment.

Test your security awareness

Use the Office 365 attack simulator to test security awareness.

Multi-factor authentication – beware!

Conditional access to any Office 365 functions is highly recommended. It enables many controls like multi-factor authentication, location-based access and even dynamic access based on certain risks. Multi-factor authentication (MFa) MFa is an additional security […]

SharePoint Saturday Lisbon 2017

On the 18th of november I was delighted to speak at SharePoint Satuday Lisbon 2017. My session was about advanced data governance in Office 365, including data loss prevention and Azure Information Protection (a little […]

New secure external sharing experience SharePoint Online

Just a very small blog this time. To save time, I just reused the title of the relevant Microsoft article. 🙂 Sorry about this. Secure sharing But this blog is about external sharing in SharePoint […]

Conditional access for Azure Information Protection

Another piece in the puzzle. That’s what struck me when I first saw AzureIP being protected by conditional access policies at Ignite last September. And this piece allows you to manage how your users can […]

Azure Information Protection Scanner

Note: I’ve included a large-scale version for some of the pictures. Just click on the caption.  On Wednesday October 18th Microsoft introduced the public preview of the Azure Information Protection scanner. I was lucky enough to […]