About me

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Albert Hoitingh. I’m Dutch albert4 - Copyand live in The Hague. I try to be a family guy first and then, in no particular order, a business consultant and architect for Microsoft 365 , Microsoft MVP, CISSP, speaker, history buff, and Ripperologist.

What’s a Ripperologist? That’s anyone who’s very interested in Jack the Ripper. And in my case, Victorian Era London.

On the professional side, I’m an Office 365 business consultant with a core interest in everything to do with information management, (Azure) information protection, governance, and security.  I’m a frequent speaker at CollabDays (Netherlands, London, Cambridge, Lisbon), Office 365 Engage, and Dutch Information Worker User Group.

I’m very honored to have been awarded the MVP award on Enterprise Mobility in 2018.


I hope you’ll enjoy the things I write. And if you want to contact me, drop me a line at albert.hoitingh [at] gmail.com.