Welcome to my blog!

I’m Albert Hoitingh and I work for Sogeti as a consultant, advisor, architect on information worker solutions. One of my main goals is to be an evangelist on web/enterprise 2.0, collaboration and communication.

One of my areas of expertise is Web 2.0 (or Enterprise 2.0) and the new world of work. Although most of my time is spend talking to customers or presenting on all kind of functional aspects of collaboration, I cannot help to be interested in the more technical or architectural aspects of unified communications & collaboration.

I have worked with every kind of IBM Lotus Notes/Domino platform: (Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, Quickplace and Sametime) in the ’90s. I was even a Principle Lotus Certified Professional.

I was first introduced to the Microsoft SharePoint and Live Communications platforms in the early 2000’s. I’ve worked with SharePoint ever-since. At this moment, I’m certified for SharePoint Server 2013.

Want to contact me: albert.hoitingh@sogeti.nl


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