SharePoint 2010 and Remote Blob Storage – part 2

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Ok, in my previous post we configured RBS. In theory, all blobs added to the specific content database will we stored on the filesystem (c:\blob). There are wto ways of checking this.

Option 1: the filesystem

Simple go to c:\blob. You will see some directories which are used by SharePoint and SQL to store the blobs. DO NOT MODIFY THESE. NEVER, EVER!! PROMISE??

Option 2: SQL

In SQL Server you will noticed that your content database has been updated with multiple (RBS) tables. You can also check if a document has been added to the RBS location. Take for example my PowerPoint. I see this document in the AllDocs tables of the content database. This is the primary table for documents in the content database.

The versions of the blob are stored in the AllDocsStreams table. And there it is. This table has been update with a RBDid field. Which contains a value, so these versions are stored using RBS.

Click on the picture to enlarge….

And we can check this, by going to c:\blob. And there, within the directory structure, are the versions of this blob.

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