Do your remember the SharePoint 2010 béta? It included a nice feature for the documentset. The possibility to save a documentset as a zipfile. A feature which is included in many mainstream document management platform.

But where has this feature gone? You cannot select it from the ribbon….. But it is still there……

Try to copy/move a documentset using a “Send to” connection. Either to a records center or another content organizer receiver. After the move, the documentset has been changed to a zipfile……

Weird huh?

So, what’s in a zipfile? It contains:

1. The latest version of the documents.

2. An XML file containing information on the content types.

3. Two directories:

a. _rels – information of the relationship of the document

b. Resources – the document’s metadata.

Posted by Albert Hoitingh

I'm an Office 365 businessconsultant/architect. My focus is on Office 365, information-management, security and governance. I'm honored to be a Microsoft MVP. I like to present and share information, most recently @ SharePoint Saturday London, Cambridge and Lisbon.

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