SPC14 – Day 2 – SharePoint for large scale records management – hundreds of milions of documents and beyond

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Ok. This is a very intersting session. At least five experts from Microsoft were elaborating on the concept of records management on a (very) large scale. Large, yes:

Scenario 1: Global Bank

  • 250.000 users
  • 370.000.000 documents
  • 1.500TB content

So, how to use SharePoint 2013 on-premise for this scenario? First of all: know the limits and boundaries of the platform and how these fit together! Second, make up your choose: in-place or record center…WIN_20140304_152628

In this scenario, the record center was chosen. It was also decided to not go for the content organizer option to route records, but use document libraries instead. Information from a site was send to a dedicated document library in the record center. Metadata is vital to determine the retention period for the information. In this scenario, the record center has only one (record) content type with the required metadata.

To route a document to the record center and declare it as a record, some customization was required. Although Microsoft propagates “configure before customize”, sometimes this is really needed.


A bit on architecture: In this scenario two farms were created: the normal SP farm and a records management farm. Wait for it…….. in total 82 servers are going to be required for this…….

In the other scenario’s, the experts discussed project management (provisioning project sites) and the solution Microsoft itself uses to reduce the amount of physical documents for the legal department. Microsoft itself also uses the record center, in addition to automatic metadata extraction, scanning and Iron Mountain. One important step in the design of the solution is a standardized taxonomy.


What is to come?

Off-course, Office365 is also key for records management. At this moment, this is not the case though. But this will change. Office365 will be enhanced at offer a large scale of compliance tools.

All-in-all: a very interested session. I didn’t win the tablet though… (there was a give-away)….


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