New document interface SharePoint 2013

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If you know SharePoint 2013 (either on-premise or in Office 365) document management, you will know this interface.

Ever wondered why this interface “suddenly”  disappears and you can only upload documents when you select the “New document” button?


The answer is simple be-it a little disappointing. When you start to add your own content types to the document library, you will need to allow the “management of content types”. This option is found at the settings of the document libary and in the Advanced settings. The moment you switch this to “Yes”, the interface will disappear. From then on, you will need to go to “Files | New document” to create a new document in SharePoint.


The reason is simple, SharePoint does not know which “New document” templates are available and therefore switches to the upload mode. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can have your own content types in the new document interface? I don’t have a solution for this yet, but I’m looking into this.

To be continued…

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