Dude, where’s my New Site button gone?

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Anyone who has worked with SharePoint has looked at the “self-service site-creation” feature of the platform. This feature enables users to create their own sites, wihin the confines of your goverance-plan (which you have, right?).

Ok, so….where is this option in SharePoint Online (Office 365)?

First of all, you will need to provide this function in your tenant | SharePoint administration page. It’s under the “Settings” option. Once you’ve activated the link, the “New Site” button will appear. But where? It’s easy: in the Sites section of your users MySite. Cool huh!

new_site_1Just one snag….this option does not allow the user to select a site-template nor does it make site-collections. But there are very cool ways to handle this.

Check this out:


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