Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox acting as Internet Explorer

Ever wanted to do some things using Google Chrome (or Firefox) but couldn’t? For instance: working with SAP Portal or Microsoft SharePoint?  You get these nice messages.           Well, there is […]

SharePoint 2010 – document center settings

Want an overview of all settings in your 2010 document center? It is simple: Go to the document library settings | Generate File Plan Report

SharePoint 2010 scaling

One of my customers asked how many documents SharePoint 2010 can handle. My information is this: Per document library:  30.000.000 documents, 400.000 major versions. Search index: 100.000.000 documents supported. These are figures which were determined […]

SharePoint records management certifiable

This week I did a session on document and records management with SharePoint 2010. In the discussion we came to talk about certification. We all know that SharePoint 2007, combined with the DoD add-on pack […]

Dutch government promotional video

I just came across this little video showing the  DWR Experience. DWR stands for the Digitale Werkomgeving Rijksoverheid and it is the shared environment for the Dutch Government. We have implemented SharePoint 2007 and Office […]