Azure Information Protection and RMS integration is here….

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During presentations, sessions and demonstrations of Azure Information Protection, I sometimes need to explain the different screens involved. Because first of all, there’s the Azure Information Protection (AIP) adminportal. This is the portal you use when creating your labels and adding the layer of required protection.

And then there’s the Azure AD RMS portal. This portal you use to create RMS templates to protected (i.e. encrypt) your documents.


Wouldn’t it be nice tobe able to just access these RMS templates from the AIP adminportal? Well, now you can.

Although still in preview (May 2017), you can now access the RMS templates from the AIP adminportal.


This looks great. The RMS part of the adminportal is easy to use and (imho) more user(admin)friendly then the AD RMS adminportal. The RMS part also gives you the opportunity to select either internal or external users or domains.


This way, you can easily set-up a label “Not be be shared” and exclude external users from opening these documents. All from one screen. Which is great news.

It does work somewhat different then the full-blow AD RMS adminportal. For example: you cannot create different RMS templates from the AIP adminportal. Instead, you can create a RMS policy based on one or more users.

But integrating the two adminportals is very good news.


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