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In my previous post about Azure Information Protection I concluded that Microsoft still had some work to do. One of my remarks was regarding the different add-ins for Office. At the time, I could install both the AIP add-in and the RMS add-in for Office 2016.

Please allow me to use Dutch screenshots. I’ve included a translation into English.

The AIP add-in provided us with labelling and protection. The RMS add-in provided us with the ability to protect the document, without labelling. You could select a RMS policy (read only for example), select the required users and create a expiration date.

The RMS add-in also provided us with the ability to track & trace the document and revoke any access.

Two add-ins?

It was unclear to me at the time of writing the previous blog why I would need two add-ins to protect my document. And now, Microsoft has solved this with the new AIP add-in.

The new AIP add-in still provides us with the configured AIP labels. But in addition, you will be able to protect the document and use track & trace. This is particularly fancy if you want to share your documents with people outside of your organisation.

In the figure below, you see the new AIP add-in (Beveiligen – Protect) next to the older RMS add-in (Beveiligd delen – Share protected). When selected, the add-in allows us to show the labels (Balk weergeven). But two options have been added:

  • Permissions (Aangepaste machtigingen)
  • Track and Trace (Bijhouden en intrekken)


Track and trace will open the Azure RMS portal and show you the activity around the document (if any exist). You can also withdraw any permissions to the document.

Permissions (Aangepaste machtigingen) let’s you select a permissions level. You can select any of the predefined levels or select “Me”. The document will be encrypted for personal use.

When sharing with others, you can add these by using individual email adresses, group email adresses or the domain of an enterprise. Personal email adresses cannot be used at this moment, so trying to use Gmail (see below) won’t work.

The last option lets you set an expiration date, if needed. When the document has reached its expiration date, it will no longer be available.


Windows Explorer

The new add-in isn’t limited to Microsoft Office. The Windows Explorer side has been improved as-well. You can still add labels and have the document(s) protected using them. But you can now also use the RMS protection functions.


You can protect individual documents, but folders as well. This function works the same as described from Office. But you will notice a difference. The file-icon will be slightly modified and show the AIP logo inside.


With this new add-in Microsoft closes the gap which was present between AIP and Azure RMS. You only need one client/add-in to use AIP, document protection and track & trace. A real enhancement.

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