New OneDrive client .. I love it :-)

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Just a small, little blog post this time. To let you know how much I really like or love this new OneDrive client. Until now, a lot of my files were synched to my Surface.

And yes, I did select a specific number of folders to sync. But still, I ended up with more than 9GB on the tablet.

Now with the new client, only files I really need are downloaded to the Surface and stored there. Not rocket-science, I agree. But fun and great nonetheless!

I did resynch my OneDrive by deleting the folders on the Surface first. And I checked if the “Files on demand” option was set. And this is, by default. So I ended up with….

My OneDrive before “Files on demand”.

Yes, it says 5GB. This screenshot was taken during the calculation by Windows….


OneDrive synching the folders


OneDrive after the synch. 

There it is, 9GB in the cloud and zero on the Surface…




Note this option

Check the “Files on demand” option!


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