Azure Purview – a closer look – part 2

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Sometime before Christmas 2020 I has the change to look at the Azure Purview preview environment. In part one of this blog I explained how this new function works and how it interacts with Microsoft Information Protection.

One of the functions which took some time to become “active” (if you will) was the Sensitivity labels dashboard. But now I’m happy to say that this dashboard is working as designed as well.

When you select the Sensitivity labels option in Azure Purview, you will be presented with an overview of your data sources and the labels which have been applied – if any.

When you drill down into this dashboard, you are able to see which labels have been applied and how many files and/or tables were classified.

Drilling down some more and you’ll be able to see which documents have been classified.

And in the end you’ll reach the document itself. The label is presented next to the document’s name and the classification is also presented.

There’s one thing which I do find odd and I haven’t got an answer for (yet). When downloading a labeled document, it appears that the labels has not been added to the document. Probably this is due to some error on my end, but I’m still looking at this.

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