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Just a small little tip. If you’re like me and you sometimes just close your laptop after work, be carefull! I just did this yesterday and in the meantime, my battery ran out. No big problem, but Windows needed to restart. And all my applications as well.

One of these applications was Word. When I opened this, it prompted me to recover any documents. I didn’t think I needed that. However….One of the documents I was working on yesterday was not saved before I closed the laptop! So that document I definitely do want back! But arrogant as I was, I just clicked “Remove these files, I have the document I need”.

Ok, you can still recover your back-up Word document even if you clicked this option. This is how.

1. Go to the recycle-bin and locate the file or files with the .asd extention;

2. Recover these files (make sure these go to the path C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles (important this!!!). Why is this important? Because if you try to open this .asd file from anywhere else, Word treats you to this nice message…..


3. Open Word

Now you have two options. If you have an earlier version of the document open at the time, go to File | Info | Manage Versions | Recover Unsaved Documents and select the asd-file.


If you don’t, go to File | Open | Recent documents and at the bottom of that list is the same option.


And hey presto: there’s your unsaved document. Please save it immediately 🙂

By the way: this is for Office 2013, but it works with any Office version. Just check this:

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