Compare documents using SharePoint (and Office)

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I just got a small question: can you use the document management features of SharePoint (2007/2010/2013) to compare documents? And the answer should be: NO. But, hang on…… SharePoint relies heavily on Microsoft Office to do a lot of document management things. It’s one of the reasons these two are closely integrated.

So, in the end, the answer might be: YES.

Because if you use versioning in your document library and Microsoft Office you can in fact compare document using both. Open the document you want to compare from SharePoint. Go to Review | Compare and you will notice that you have some different options here. Just open Review | Compare without any document to see the differences.


This way, you can compare any version of the document stored in SharePoint with the one you just opened. Cool huh!

Yes, I do realise that you cannot compare seperate documents this way. You still need Word for this and the two documents.

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