Quick and dirty AzureIP dashboard

One possible enhancement for Azure Information Protection would be a nice dashboard. Just a quick overview of the total amount of documents labeled and protected, for example. But unfortunately, this is (as yet) not available. […]

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

Wow, this is a huge honor! Last monday (around 17:00 PM CEST) I received a much appreciated e-mail. It stated that I was awarded the MVP award for Enterprise Mobility. I’m very proud of this […]

Piloting AzureIP

In most of my blogs I describe the functionality or technical functions related to information protection. And this is fine – for theory. But what about the practical side of things? What if you want […]

AzureIP and Exchange working together

In this blog I want to focus on Exchange Online, Office 365 Message Encryption and Azure Information Protection. Working on their own or together, these platforms offer lots of solutions to protect sensitive information. To […]

Having Azure Active Directory, Azure Information Protection and SharePoint work together

Managing sensitive content is no easy task. Especially when we have so many content and even more ways of storing and sharing these. How can we make sure that the sensitive content is sufficiently protected […]

Multilingual Azure Information Protection

Just straight out-of-the-box, Azure Information Protection comes with several default labels. These labels all have a unique name and description. But what if you need to roll-out AzureIP in an environment where multiple languages are […]

Using Azure Log Analytics for Azure Information Protection

In my previous blog I showed the current locations used by AzureIP for storing log files and event logs. I ended that article with the remark that a more central location would be preferable. And I […]