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Microsoft Teams Premium is an add-on license for the Microsoft Teams platform. It offers several news functions, including additional information protection. Time for a closer look at the preview.

Securing meeting information

In most organizations, there will be the need to protect information exchanged during specific meetings. These might be board meetings or very sensitive projects. Or even a kick-off meeting with a client, where you need to ensure that any screenshots of the recording cannot be misused.

Applying a sensitivity label to the content you’re sharing and thus preventing screenshots won’t help. When sharing that type of content, Microsoft Teams will just present the attendees of the meeting with a blank screen.

Microsoft Teams did not offer much in the way of information protection on that level. Even End-to-End Encryption [or E2EE] could only be used on a one-on-one level for chats and VoIP call. During Microsoft Ignite, the new Microsoft Premium licensing model was introduced. And amongst several of the key-features being presented were meeting security options.

In this blog, I want to explore some of these functions, without stepping into the licensing swamp. And yes: I too have questions regarding the need for such an add-on license. And why this is not included in Microsoft/Office 365 E5 or any other available add-on licensing packages. But in this blog, I will very likely touch on licensing issues from time to time. If you want to, you can skip to the wrap-up. There’s a short video on this subject.

Information in this blog:

  1. Securing meeting information
  2. What’s in the package for compliance?
  3. Limitations – beware!!
  4. Getting there – enabling the preview
  5. Teams Premium from the Teams Admin Center
  6. Working with labels
  7. So how does this work?
  8. Wrapping up

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