Teams Day Online – Governing Microsoft Teams

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On October 1st I was honored to speak at the Teams Day Online virtual event. The subject of the session were the governance principles for Microsoft Teams. To illustrate these, I’ve created some demonstration video’s. You can see the links below.

Governance for Microsoft Teams is important. You will need to decide on several aspects to make sure that you’re in control of your Teams environment. And this requires some thinking, documenting and implementing the right governance structure. The most important parts for your governance baseline are:

Teams creation, guest access and Teams expiration | Information governance | Meeting and messaging settings & policies

These video’s will help you along your governance path.

Teams creation

Teams expiration and archiving

Guest and external access

Teams administration

Information-management and protection

This is the presentation used during the session. It includes an overview of Microsoft Teams architecture and the storage of information, conversations and chats. Alas, I wasn’t able to add all Ignite 2020 material. But that’s for a later date 🙂

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