Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Update – Office/Microsoft 365 and Project Cortex

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Hello there!

One of the most anticipated announcements from Ignite 2019 must be Project Cortex. In this article I’ll describe these announcements and also some other Office/Microsoft 365 related news coming out of Ignite 2019.


Some nice new announcements. Every Teams meeting now has a Whiteboard automatically added.  You can also add system audio and do a private session when sharing an application.

Any external user can now easily access a meeting, just by clicking the e-mails link. “Host your meeting in Teams, instead of Skype”. That’s quite a step for some organisations….

An optimized experience for Citrix VDI’s is coming as well. Cool stuff.

Calling from Teams will be supported for all platforms, including Google Chrome.

Teams can now capture the content of a physical whiteboard. Even when someone walks across the whiteboard, he/she is made transparent. So the content is still available. This is great (Teams Rooms).


Great news here as well. (Background) noise reduction, searching the transcript to find where something was mentioned.

SharePoint and OneDrive security & compliance

There’s a lot of news around here. One of the most important is the ability to apply sensitivity labels to a SharePoint site or Team.

When a label gets applied automatically to content, you will see this from the library.

Another great announcement is the automatic revocation of access for external users. You can set this up from the tenant.

The site-admin can review the access expiration. Very, very cool stuff!


The site-admin can also access external sharing reports, so that he/she knows what has been shared and with whom.

Project Cortex

This is own of the best kept secrets by Microsoft. Project Cortex is a new approach to Enterprise Content Management. It’s about using the information already in Microsoft 365 and turning this into knowledge. It uses automatic metadata extraction and data mining.


By extracting metadata we can now classify unstructured data and even protect the data based on the metadata.  Metadata is one of the core-aspects of Project Cortex. Which is also why the metadata store has been upgraded (modern UX and up to 1 million terms) and a new content type gallery will become available. Enterprise content types will become available from the hubsites.

Let’s take a look:

One of the most impressive parts of Project Cortex is the related topics view. Based on several algorithms, the extracted information is correlated to other topics.

Here’s some screenshots of the out-of-the-box experience of Project Cortex.

There’s a lot information provided on the configuration of the machine teaching needed to enable Project Cortex. I’ll let this video speak for itself.

The roadmap for Project Cortex already includes the version 2 of the platform 🙂 If you want to know more, please go to

Wow. a lot of very cool and great news on Microsoft 365! Please take a look at Project Cortex as this might be very useful for your enterprise.



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