Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Update – Office/Microsoft 365

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Hello there!

Well, Ignite 2019 has started and the key-note already showed us some great new innovations!

Project Cortex – using Delve and the Office Graph to transform your information into a real-time knowledge base. It used the Graph to find that information, but you can also use Azure image capture and machine training. It’s integrated into all aspects of Office 365. Really, really cool. Https://

Fluid co-authoring – which enables real-time collaboration across applications and devices. The demo showed us how a scanned table was transformed into an Excel table, which was then edited in Excel and Outlook to be presented (in real-time) into PowerPoint. Very impressive.

But the session by Jeff Teper really took the cake. So much announcements. The product teams really, really worked very hard on all kinds of improvements. It’s hard to describe them all, so here’s an overview.

  • SharePoint home sites. A new type of site and “intranet in a box”. It will show content based on the graph, so very personal. It also allows for a customizable (and large) footer.
  • SharePoint Search now support new verticals and a customizable search page.
  • Communication sites support multiple languages. Track changes (ala Wiki) is supported, as well as page scheduling.
  • The landingpage can be customized by theming and document templates can be added (for document creation). @mentions and tasks are incorporated in comments.
  • Sheet views in Excel allow for private views, when the default view is still available.
  • OneDrive now shows threads to the document in a hoover panel (for example, when the document is mentioned in a Teams conversation).
  • The file size is upgraded to a 100 GB! And no worries: delta change is now available for all file types!
  • You can now edit and sign pdf’s;
  • There’s better integration between OneDrive and Outlook;
  • We’re getting PowerApps integration with document lists;
  • Sensitivity labels are integrated in Office Online (more on that later :-))
  • Labels can be added to sites and teams and are added as metadata column;
  • Information barriers in Teams can now be setup using the administration portal  and these also work with the sharing interface in OneDrive and SharePoint;
  • The term store got a great modern UI makeover and now allows for analytics on metadata terms.

Wow…… this is a lot. Keep posted for all other new announcements in the days to come!



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