Powerplatform Summit Europe 2019

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On March 29th I had the pleasure to present at the Powerplatform Summit in Amsterdam. My subject, hardly surprising I guess, was on security and compliance and the Powerplatform.

In my session I detailed the different admin-centers (including the new preview center), environments, licenses and data loss prevention. I also talked about scenario’s where the admin can use the Powerplatform his/herself. By using connectors to the Powerplatform and/or connectors to Microsoft Cloud App Security.

The slides are posted on SlideShare.

There was one question on environments which I would have been able to answer, but didn’t. So here goes.

When creating an environment you can choose forĀ Preview (United States) andĀ Trial. So what’s this about?

The preview-environment gets you early access to upcoming Powerplatform functionality. A trial-environment is used to test-out a CDS environment for 30 days. After that period, the environment will expire.

The links used in the presentation:

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