Multilingual Azure Information Protection

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Just straight out-of-the-box, Azure Information Protection comes with several default labels. These labels all have a unique name and description. But what if you need to roll-out AzureIP in an environment where multiple languages are used? This scenario is supported using languages.

In the language section of the AzureIP portal, you will find an up to date overview of all languages that are supported. For example; When someone with a Dutch Office clients opens a document, he/she will get the label information presented in Dutch. Using this portal you can export one or more languages. These will be downloaded as a zipfile, containing the information in XML.


In order to use multiple languages properly, you do need to configure the specific language XML’s In this example, I’ll be using Dutch as the second language to change the description of one of the labels.

Step 1: Export Dutch

My first step was to export the Dutch language file. I modified the description for the label “Secret” and changed this to a Dutch equivalent.


Step 2: Save as zip and import

When I was done, I saved the XML file. Then, I needed to add it to a zipfile. The name for this file is unimportant, but it must be a zipfile. This zipfile is then imported. When successful, you will see a modification data next to the language.


Step 3: Publish and test

When all’s gone according to plan, you can now publish the changes. And you can test them out. In my case, I used an English version of Office 2016 first (Word). After this, I decided to use PowerPoint in the Dutch version. For the sake of having a good example, I decided not to change the label’s title.

The change was published very quickly and it worked perfectly.




That’s it basically.  Nothing fancy, but something you might want to take into account when setting up your label taxonomy.

More information on this:



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