Office 365 Protection Center

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As most will know, Office 365 provides several functions for compliancy. One of these is the Compliancy Center. This was introduced at least one year ago, so Microsoft probably figured it was time to renew this. And they did. The compliancy center is now know (or will be known) as the Protection Center.

protection_centerAll the features of the compliancy center are still here. But some new ones are included too. For example.

The in-place site hold has been improved.


You can now set a retention period for this site hold. Very cool.

protection_center_retention_policyThe audit log search. This includes a bunch of very useful reporting options. For example: if content has been viewed or if content has been shared with (external) parties.

Also, very cool indeed.


And what about this. Complex Data Loss Protection enabled for SharePoint Online. You can create policies based on existing policies enforced by governments. These policies will check the content being created, uploaded and modified in your SharePoint environment. And you can check if this content is compliant.

A very nice feature.




I will be looking into these features in the future. But I wanted to share these with you at this moment.


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