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Hi all,

In one of my previous posts I talked about the Share button and it’s function. It would seem that Microsoft added another feature to this option (or I missed it the first time around). It is now possible to create an anonymous link to a document.

With this link, you can allow external users to either edit or view a document. This option has been around some time in OneDrive for Business, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in Office 365 sites.







This option is only available when external sharing has been enabled. When selected, SharePoint uses a Guestaccess.aspx page to display or edit the document. Only the site-owner (or site-collection admins) can create the links. These come in two different varieties: Read and Edit. You can add the requirement that the recipient of the link signs in to Office 365.







When these links or one of these links have been created, anyone within the Members group can use the link.

The site-owner can delete the link when needed.





When you want to “Share” a document, you will notice that a link is available. You can then send this link to anyone you like.


Here’s the catch: As with the Share button, the Edit option will break the permission inheritance of the document you are sharing. But this will not show up at the People and Groups section. Instead, SharePoint uses a hidden ACL for the document with guest access. SharePoint will notify you that the inheritance is broken. But you cannot view the details.



So, use this wisely!




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