Some time ago I looked into the possibilities of SharePoint 2007 as a (certified) platform for records management. My first impression was: very nice! I did encounter a slight configuration problem, which took me some time to figure out.

From the document library I continually got the message  ‘The Records Center is not properly configured for this request’. Turns out that I didn’t configure the records center correctly.

In Central Administration | Application Management you need to supply the URL of the offical Records Center. But….. the URL itself is not enough. You need to enter an extension. To bad that the Central Administration interface doesn’t provide an errormessage when you forget this.

Anyway, this will work:


For example:


Then it works beautifully.
But, having written this… In SharePoint 2010 the Records Center is integrated into the Document Management environment….

Posted by Albert Hoitingh

I'm an Office 365 businessconsultant/architect. My focus is on Office 365, information-management, security and governance. I'm honored to be a Microsoft MVP. I like to present and share information, most recently @ SharePoint Saturday London, Cambridge and Lisbon.

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