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I love blogs….

Here a nice post on the web 2.0 features of SharePoint 2010.

And here’s one on the NOT workings of SharePoint 2010 with Firefox or Chrome.

I did a presentation yesterday and was proud to state that SharePoint 2010 now supports multiple browsers.



  1. Hey Albert thanks for presenting yesterday! The links to the other blogs in your post are actually from 2009 so probably based on the TP or the Beta. Are you sure this still is the case with the RTM version?


    1. Hi Albert,

      I did this cross browsers compatibility tests on SharePoint 2010 beta, and re-test them for the RTM.
      There were one BIG improvement, the use of Explorer Mode with IE 8.

      Regarding Explorer Mode, that is one of the most amazing feature of SharePoint and maybe unavailable in any another products (maybe only in Documentum) it is based on the protocol WebDav FPRPC that is a big inovation of Microsoft so it is quite normal that it does not work with other browsers than IE. Even with IE6 we had problems and have to install a patch, but it was worth it.

      Personally, except the explorer Mode, and a few minor things I could track in my tests, I think you can state that SharePoint 2010 now supports multiple browsers. I was myself very surprised that Microsoft could make such advanced JavaScript features work with FF and Chrome.


      1. Hi Marc,

        Thanks for your comments. I’m very pleased to see that SharePoint 2010 supports multiple browsers. I’ve demo-ed this using Google Chrome and even the Office Web Apps worked perfectly.
        You’re right of course: the explorer view/mode is handled by WebDav. However, I was dubbed in thinking that when Microsoft’s marketing states: “SharePoint supports multiple browsers”, that I won’t see any difference between IE, Firefox or Chrome. But still, with a lot of integration bits, you will need to have Internet Explorer. Because with Chrome this will not work: Explorer view/mode, Connect to Office, Sync to SharePoint Workspace and the Datasheet view. Something to think about when we’re going to evangelize SharePoint 2010 🙂

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