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Right, most people will think of the Big Two when collaboration software is mentioned. We all know them well: Microsoft (with SharePoint 2007/2010 and its Office suite) and IBM (with the Lotus and Websphere platforms). But what about Open Source? Many of us do care about that kind of platforms. Well, we do have a couple of Open Source collaborative platform which provide easy, available and userfriendly environments. I won’t go into details, please go to the relevant websites.

Team collaboration.

A very nice Open Source solution to support teams is the Dutch (!) O3Spaces. O3 refers to the three Office versions it supports:  OpenOffice, StarOffice and  Microsoft Office. Out of the box deployment is quick and easy.

Real-time collaboration
What’s real-time collaboration? Well: amongst others instant messaging, web-conferencing, VoIP and the like. Look at openfire for a Open Source alternative. As with O3C:  easily implemented. A nice feature is the web-based management console. An instant messaging client to use with openfire is the Open Source client Spark.

Next to Open Source platforms, I do see developments where Open Source meets Closed Source. What about Jabber/XMPP connections between IBM Lotus Sametime, Microsoft Office Communications Server and Open Source SIP platforms? Or using the Miranda Instant Message client? You can use this to connect with SIP systems, including  Microsoft Office Communications Server.

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