New Power Platform data policies enhancements

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Just a couple of days ago, Microsoft released new preview functions for the Power Platform data policies. These controls enable more granular configuration of the connectors in your environment. These connector controls are split into endpoint controls and action controls.

The endpoint controls can be used for connectors of these types: HTTP, HTTP with Azure AD, HTTP Webhook, SQL Server, Dataverse (legacy), Azure Blob Storage, and SMTP. These controls are great if you want to limit a specific connector’s ability to (for example) connect to a specific SQL Server.

The action controls are a great new feature. These allow for specific actions within the connector to be allowed or blocked. In this video I show these when working with the Twitter connector. What if you don’t want a Power Automate Flow to tweet or retweet information, but do want to allow Tweets to be “read”? Now you can…

Some final thoughts though. First of all; this is still in preview. So beware of this. Also, cross-tenant restrictions still cannot be set by an admin. You still need to “call Microsoft/create a ticket” for this. And last: we were still promised that (SharePoint/Teams) connectors would be able to respect the sensitivity based on labels. I haven’t seen these yet. But the year’s not over yet 🙂

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