SPC14 – Day 3 – A strategic and pragmatic conversation on governance

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This  was a very good (and funny) session the governance model of SharePoint was discussed. This standard model contains the following components:

  • IT governance
  • Information management
  • Application management

But this is somewhat complex. During this session, the presenter offered another pragmatic approach. Use Policies, Guidance and Enforcement. Governance can fail because of several reasons; it is to restricted, not enforced or not reviewed periodically. Governance is a living entity!

IT governance

This has changed with SP2013. External users, Apps, cloud are aspects which needed to be included in the governance plan. Toke for example the storage of sensitive data: store this on-premise or in the cloud? Also think about SLA’s.

Information management

Know what kind of information is stored, why it is stored and where. Have a policy in place for social tags and ratings. Make an information architecture. You don’t need to search, you need to find. Classify you (business) information and determine how you can make the information available to mobile devices.

Application management

Apps are for everyone, but this is also a risk. Apps might not be strategic. This is a bold statement. But the aim of this statement was to motivate you to think about this. Know when to buy and when to build. Also know who is installing apps within the enterprise.

One important quote from this session: “There are no scenario’s where SharePoint governance should not be considered”.

Another one: ” I Googled this with Bing”.

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