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So how does this work?

Let’s see how this works on a functional level. When you have set the Premium settings using the Teams Admin Center, the relevant options become available when opening the meeting options.

Meeting options now include Premium functions

When a watermark and E2EE have been enabled, you will notice this on the screen. Information on the encryption is shown in the lefthand corner at the top. By the way – this always shows you if a session is secure.

Secure meeting – note the watermark based on the email address
Hello there! Meeting security details

When the chat protection has been added to the label then you won’t be able to copy/paste the information from the chat. And this protection stays with the meeting. Even after the meeting has ended, you won’t be able to do this. Really cool stuff…

Try to copy/paste after the meeting

Wrapping up

Although I had to wait for days for the Microsoft Purview Information Protection integration to kick-in, I really liked to see these Premium features. As I mentioned at the start of the blog, I was really interested to see what Teams Premium (Preview) offers on the compliance side.

I think the current preview functions are great, but there are still some caveats and functions to be addressed. End-to-End Encryption for meetings is finally here! But some meeting functions will break when you enable this. These are:

  • Live captions and transcription
  • Recording
  • Together mode, companion mode, large gallery
  • Breakout rooms

This makes sense, because of the nature of encryption. But beware of this.

Also, I would like to see the meeting-invite being protected as-well. This is on the roadmap. And speaking of protection: the meeting recording nor the meeting transcript inhert the sensitivity label. So you won’t be able to apply encrypting to the meeting recording or the transcript.

An MIP encrypted meeting recording

Microsoft Purview Information Protection does allow the encryption of meeting records. Is this sensible at this time? It depends. SharePoint and Stream cannot handle encrypted media-files. They just show up as <recording .mp4.pfile> and will not open. However, this type of file can be opened using the AIP Viewer and the relevant application (like Mediaplayer). So from that perspective it might be usefull.

And yes: licensing. For me it’s hard to imagine an organization that already uses Microsoft 365 E5 or Microsoft 365 E3 with add-on licenses like E5 Security to add another licence to this mix, just for the security features of Teams Premium. Don’t get me wrong: the security features are great. But in my opinion, Teams Premium licenses make sense when you enable all the Premium features.

If you want any more information, take a look here:

What to see this in action? Look no further 🙂

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