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Getting there – enabling the preview

As this still is a Public Preview function, we will need to enable this. And there are two ways of doing so. You can either use the Microsoft 365 Admin Portal and “purchase” your 30-day trial licenses. Or, if this does not work (in my case), simply go to

Licenses available during trial

Don’t forget to assign the license(s) to your user(s) so that you can use them. I must admit that it took a very long time for the licenses to become active in Microsoft Purview. Whereas the Microsoft Teams Admin Center presented me with the premium function really quickly, I had to wait for several days (4 or 5) for Purview to accept them. And then a message like this is really frustrating.

Microsoft Purview Information Protection – labels

Teams Premium from the Teams Admin Center

So while I was waiting, I took a look at the Teams Admin Center. And when the Premium license is active, you will notice several new options here. These options are located in the Meeting Policies | Global (Org-wide default) and in the Enhanced encryption policies | Global (Org-wide default).

Of course, if you have more than just the default policy – the options are in those policies as well.

In the policies, you can configure the watermarking of content/videos and end-to-end encryption for meetings. As these are user-designated policies, these settings will work for anyone in the policy. And that’s what makes these settings different from the sensitivity labels.

Teams Admin Center Premium options

Working with labels

The other, highly anticipated function for Teams Premium is the ability to classify (label) meetings and meeting invites. This function allows you to specify specific settings for the meeting. These settings are mostly also covered using Microsoft Teams policies. But by using a label, we can differentiate more and make this more user-friendly.

To create a specific label, we need the Microsoft Information Protection component in the Microsoft Purview Admin Center. And when the Premium license is (finally…..) added, a new scoping option appears in the label definition.

Include meetings options added to label scopes

Now beware: although the Include meetings option is the most relevant one, the Groups & sites option also contains a setting for secure meetings. And just to be clear, the Items option will be used to protect the meeting invite in the future.

But let’s start with the Include meetings option. This option will allow you to set specific settings for protecting meetings and chats. This option is added to the available options of encrypting content and applying content markings. But these do not apply to meetings! So go for the third option.

The options controlling the meeting are now selectable. And these are split into the meeting settings (including the watermark) and chat settings (including a form of data loss prevention). These chat settings are pretty cool by the way. This is a new feature that allows you to prevent copy/paste actions on chat information.

Specific meeting settings for labels

Because E2EE breaks some functions (like recordings), expect these to be grey-out when you go for that option. And visa-versa.

When the settings have been selected, the label is done. Or basically done. As I stated above, you can also include the scope for Groups & sites on the label. And when you do, you will be presented with an additional option that is related to meetings. This setting is related to channel meetings.

Groups & sites option sensitivity label

As you can see from the screenshot, this option allows you to set a default label for channel meetings. And this is in addition to setting a default label for meetings and calendar events in general. These work when people create a meeting. This option is configured in the label policy used to publish the label. And that’s in the same line as setting other default labels.

Label policy – extra meeting option

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