Teams Premium – Secure meetings

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Limitations – beware!!

I really don’t like to start out with limitations. But as this is a Public Preview, I decided to do this anyway. There’s some thing you need to be aware of when using the encryption functions. For example, RMS functions are not supported and neither are s/MIME and Double Key Encryption.

Also, be aware that enforcing E2EE will break recordings and the application of watermarks to shared content. E2EE and the application of watermarks only works on desktop versions for Teams.

Opening a secure meeting using the web browser
Trying to open a secure meeting using the Teams client

However, when using my Surface Laptop, I did encounter an error when accessing an E2EE-protected meeting. When I updated both the laptop (build 19044) and Teams ( 64bit) on Windows and iOS (4.22.1) I was able to join an E2EE meeting. Yeah!

Protected meeting started
Microsoft Teams on iOS – in Dutch: meeting is E2EE

Weirdly enough, Microsoft does state that you can enter a secure meeting – even when using a Teams client that doesn’t meet the requirements. In which case the options will not be enforced. Which is weird because: why secure the meetings in this case? And second: why did I encounter these problems?

One last thing to take note of: Microsoft intends to protect the meeting invites themselves using Information Protection. And this makes perfect sense. Calender invites themselves can contain sensitive information, either in the description, title or the attached documents. But this does not work as yet. In future, you will need to add the “Items” part to a sensitivity label in order to get this to work.

Let’s look how to configure the Premium options.

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