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What’s in the package for compliance?

To be very clear, Teams Premium as related to secure meetings offers two distinct functions which are intertwined. And this needs to be understood because these functions are managed differently.

First, there is the End-to-End Encryption [or E2EE] for meetings and the ability to add watermarks on meeting content. These allow an organizer of a meeting to add additional security.

Meeting options with Premium activated

And second, there is the integration with Microsoft Purview Information Protection. This integration allows you to control these functions from a sensitivity label:

  • Lobby bypass
  • Presenter ability
  • Allowing meeting chat
  • Meeting recordings (automatically, who can record)
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Watermarking and prevent copy/paste of meeting chat
  • Protecting meeting invites

If you look closely, you will notice that most of these options can already be set using a Microsoft Teams policy. And you can assign this policy to those people in the organization that require these settings. But Teams Premium adds more functions and allows you to use these functions per meeting – based on the label.

Meeting request with sensitivity label applied

And to be fair, Teams policies require an administrator to set up and assign them. Working from a label (and therefore integrated with organizing a meeting from Outlook/Teams) can be more user-friendly and manageable. When you attend a meeting with a label assigned, this can be the experience:

Secure meeting – note the watermark based on the email address

Watermarking and preventing copy/paste are functions that are new to Microsoft Teams meetings. And these do make sense. If they make sense enough to validate the Microsoft Premium license? That’s a very relevant question. From a security/compliance perspective, I’m curious how this function deals with a meeting transcript and the recording. So let’s take a closer look.

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