Month: April 2014

Dude, where’s my New Site button gone?

Anyone who has worked with SharePoint has looked at the “self-service site-creation” feature of the platform. This feature enables users to create their own sites, wihin the confines of your goverance-plan (which you have, right?). Ok, […]

Bing Maps and SharePoint Online (part 2)

Ok. I stand corrected. In my previous post ( I was wondering why I could not add the Bing Maps API key to my SharePoint Online environment. But one of my collegues ( helped me […]

Connect Bing Maps to SharePoint Online

One of the nicest features of SharePoint which I have come across is the geo-location field. You can use this to show a location on the (Bing) map. This field is added to your SharePoint […]

New document interface SharePoint 2013

If you know SharePoint 2013 (either on-premise or in Office 365) document management, you will know this interface. Ever wondered why this interface “suddenly”  disappears and you can only upload documents when you select the […]