Month: May 2010

New TeamPark book released

Sogeti has just released the new TeamPark book. It’s in two parts, the methodology and the approach. Both parts can be downloaded. I helped a little with the personas and scenarios bit… Part One Part Two

Overview SharePoint 2010 editions

A great site showing all the features as the are available in the different SharePoint 2010 editions:

Open Source collaboration

Right, most people will think of the Big Two when collaboration software is mentioned. We all know them well: Microsoft (with SharePoint 2007/2010 and its Office suite) and IBM (with the Lotus and Websphere platforms). […]

Edit in datasheet – cheat

Microsoft states that to use the option “Edit in Datasheet” you need at least Office 2003 or 2007 professional edition. I just came across a blogpost which presents use with a cheat; Open your registry and change […]

Social software suites

On april the 14th I did a presentation for the Intelligent Organisation seminar of Sogeti. My title for the presentation was: “Does the perfect social platform exist?”. Which is a nice little question to answer, […]